1st step : write your page

Let’s go through the process step by step. We will start with your project page — where you will tell people your story. You will find the essentials for creating the best Tudigo page below!

What makes a standout project page ?

Telling your story

Tudigo's Creation Handbook

A must-have, your future best friend : this guide will walk you through everything from choosing the right thumbnail image to selecting appropriate rewards!

Look through successful projects

Looking through successful projects that ressemble your own is a good way to come up with ideas and will help you understand the kind of information that backers will expect.

Workshop #1 Tudigo

A video made by one of our experts : lasts 25 minutes and give you all the keys to build a compelling project page

Interact with your coach

Make an appointment with your coach to review your page and your rewards. Use this opportunity to optimize them.


Tudigo's Creation Handbook

Your new best friend: the guide that will walk you smoothly through the entire process. To download and check out at any time click below.

Workshop #1 - Tudigo : the writing of your page

To guide you, Tudigo offers you the first workshop in the form of a video giving you all the necessary keys for the first phase of your preparation: the writing of your project page.

Watch the video, that has been specially recorded by one of our experts, at any time.

Watch the video

Your personal checklist

  • 1
    achievable funding goal
  • 3-4
    compelling images or videos
  • 7-10
    attractive rewards
  • 1
    final review with your coach