2nd step : get ready for the promotion of your project

To drive traffic to your project page and make your crowdfunding campaign successful, there aren't any secrets : you just have to be proactive and communicate ! Be aware that this will require preparation and organization on your part.

All our tips to prepare you for the promotion of your project are found below.

How to prepare a promotion plan ?

How to prepare everything ?

The Promotion Handbook

This guide will help you spread the word about your project to the right people at the right time with a consistent voice.

The Promotion Plan Schedule

This tool will help you schedule all your promotional activities and segment your contact list.

Workshop #2 Tudigo

A video made by one of our experts - lasts 25 minutes and can be watched at any time.

Your dedicated coach

Your coach is ready to support you, to check in with you, verify what has been planned and guide you to success.


Your two essential tools

Like the Creation Handbook, your two new best friends are: the Promotion Handbook, full of tips and examples, and the Promotion Plan Schedule, which you will use to segment your contacts list and schedule what you will do for the project.

WORKSHOP #2 - TUDIGO : the promotion of your project

For this last step, Tudigo offers you a second workshop for the promotion of your campaign, the organization of your contact list and the drafting of your contents.

The same concept applies as did before, watch a video specially recorded for you by one of our expert !

Watch the video

Elements you need to launch your campaign

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    segmented contact list
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    post drafted for each day
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    endorsement from your coach