What is crowdfunding ?

Crowdfunding is a method of raising capital through the collective effort of friends, family, customers and individual investors on an online platform.

You can choose between 2 primary crowdfunding types depending on the nature of the product or the service you offer and your goals for growth: rewards-based crowdfunding (individuals contribute to your business in exchange for a reward, typically a form of the product or service your company offers, or a symbolic gift) or equity-based crowdfunding (individuals become part-owners of your company by exchanging capital for equity shares or bonds in your company). 

It is possible to use crowdfunding at any stage of your business: whether it be creation, recovery, development, or even as a rescue operation. 

Why should you host a crowdfunding campaign?


Quickly raise funds by focusing your efforts on growing and strengthening your business


Increase the recognition of your brand and get media attention for your company


Reach both current and prospective customers and increase their loyalty.


A successful campaign is often seen as a strong sign of the attractiveness of a product or service. Traditional sources of finance will love that!

  • 1. Submit your project
    Create a Tudigo account and log into your page.
  • 2. Receive an answer within 24 hours
    Your mentor will advise and coach you before and during the campaign to ensure your success.
  • 3. Create your project page with your coach
    Describe your project and explain what the funds collected from the project will be used for.
  • 4. Spread the word to your network and community
    Communication is one of the key components of a successful crowdfunding campaign. You must carefully prepare your promotion plan.
  • 5. Receive the funds within 2 weeks after the successful termination of the campaign
    Your campaign is live! A crowdfunding campaign is quite the feat, as such you must be focused and involved to succeed.

5 years supporting and promoting entrepreneurs

  • 1000
    funded projects
  • 80 000
  • 76%
    succes rate
  • $ 12M


Created in 2012, Tudigo is the first crowdfunding platform to have chosen proximity as its core value. Boosting the effectiveness of communities and strengthening local economies, while creating jobs, is what makes us tick.

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