Craft your rewards-based crowdfunding campaign

You have taken the plunge and are about to launch, and above all succeed at, a reward-based crowdfunding campaign. Congratulations!

The Tudigo team has spent the past half of a decade supporting entrepreneurs and meaningful business owners just like you. We have used all the knowledge that we have collected over the years to refine the tools and methodologies that will allow you to make the most of this incredible experience.

If you have been selected and carefully follow the process that has been outlined, we have full confidence that your campaign will succeed. Since 2016, Tudigo has had the highest rate of success in the French market, so let us guide you!

The campaign process

An aerial view of steps 1 and 2 : before your project is live

Tudigo’s short-term training

Go to the section dedicated to the creation of your project page. An array of content is available to help you.


Creation of your project page

Log in to your account and go to your project page. This page is personal and completely private. Once there, you can start setting up an attractive project page by applying the principles that have been outlined and proven to be successful at Tudigo !


Review and finalization of your project page

If you have carefully followed the recommended page structure and the tips on building rewards, you should be prepared to work with your Tudigo coach to begin the next step. Otherwise, you may contact your coach so that they can help you refine your project page to make it as attractive as possible.


Preparation of an outreach plan

Create an organized list of all your contacts and plan content for project updates, emails and social media posts. Since communication is a key component of your success, we have created structure frameworks for everything you will do. In addition, your Tudigo coach will be there to facilitate your outreach so that it runs smoothly.


Final review of your promotion plan

Do you feel ready ? Validate the marketing plan and set an optimal launch date with your coach.


Your project is live !

After your campaign begins, spread the word by following your communication plan, answer the questions of backers, and send out regular updates.


What can you expect if you are 100% involved?

  • 76%
    success rate
  • $5000
    raised on average
  • $ 72
    average pledge
  • 2
    weeks of preparation
  • 1st step : My page

    Our section dedicated to your page: contents, tips, examples ... Everything is here !

  • 2nd step : The promotion

    A real roadmap to prepare to promote your ideas and content !

  • Go back to my page

    Have you not looked at your page in a while ? Do you just want to continue writing ? It's this way !

    Visit my project page
  • Book an appointment with my coach

    Feel a little lost ? You already created your page and want to get feedbacks ? Book an appointment with your coach !

    Call my coach