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At Tudigo, we are convinced that small streams make large rivers. This is also the fundamental principle behind crowdfunding. In 3 clicks, you can support a business that will positively impact your local community and receive awesome rewards.

Support projects in your neighborhood

Get involved in the projects and ideas that give life to your community. In exchange, you will receive a reward that inspires you - a copy of the product, a limited edition version of the product, or a customized experience related to the project.

This is the story of Clark, Matt, Laura..., entrepreneurs and project owners who have been able to achieve their dream thanks to the support of their neighbors and their community. There is no small amount : all contributions have a positive impact.

Backing a project is more than just giving someone money. It's supporting an idea that will contribute to building vibrant and sustainable communities with thriving economies.

Discover the projects
  • 1. Discover the projects
    Choose a project in your area (or in your mother's area) !
  • 2. Choose the amount of your pledge
    Choose the amount of your pledge according to your financial resources and the needs of local businesses.
  • 3. Pick up the reward
    A reward can be one of the items being made, a limited edition version of the product, or a custom experience related to the project.
  • 4. Proceed to checkout
    The page is secured so no need to worry about the transmission of your financial information !
  • Receive your reward and praise yourself: you are making a difference!
    Thanks to your pledge, you have helped bring an idea to life. And the best news is that you will soon be able to enjoy your reward !

5 years supporting and promoting local entrepreneurs

  • 50 000
  • 1000
    success stories
  • 76%
    success rate
  • $72
    average pledge

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